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LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog 
LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog

Noel Memorial Library


Faculty and Staff

Dean:       Brian J. Sherman               NL 127           318-798.4131
Curator, James Smith Noel Collection:           Alexander Mikaberidze     NL 320           318.798.4161
Curator, Northwest Louisiana Archives:   Laura McLemore               NL 346           318.797.5378
Director, James Smith Noel Collection: Martha Lawler                    NL 312           318.798.4163
Director, Research and Instruction Services:       Abigail McCoy                    NL 231           318.797.5072
Director, Resource Management and Discovery:     Sarah Mazur                       NL 128           318.797.5070


Library Faculty:                     Jessica Hawkes                          NL 220           318.798.4154
  Ryland Johnson                          NL 111           318.797.5382
  Phillip Martin                               NL 143           318.798.4100
  Robert Miciotto                           NL 109           318.798.4119
  Kay Slattery                                 NL 232           318.798.4152
  Leah Widmeyer                           NL 341           318.798.4165
  Kaci Wilson                                  NL 219           318.798.4153


Library Staff:          Su’Gary Burns                             NL 135           318.797.5225
  David Gaither                              NL 141           318.798.4159
  Fermand Garlington                   NL 339           318.797.5388
  Rachel Hoffnung                        NL 135           318.797.5225
  Chris Smith                                 NL 141           318.798.4158
  Laura Upshaw                            NL 129           318.798.4132



The vision of the Noel Memorial Library is to provide equitable access to knowledge, opportunity, success, and transformation.   


The mission of the Noel Memorial Library is to promote and facilitate scholarly and cultural engagement by providing access to both traditional and innovative resources, creating adaptive spaces, and cultivating excellence in teaching, learning, and research. In service to the mission of LSU Shreveport, the Library supports a diverse community in its pursuit of knowledge to foster intellectual curiosity and cultural enrichment.


Access to a wide range of resources - information, service, and spaces - that is equitable and gives agency and power to our diverse communities of users.

Collaboration that builds partnerships that respect and foster diverse perspectives essential to the instruction, research, and service missions of the University.

Discovery of information using tools and services that satisfy intellectual curiosity, cultural enrichment, and promote innovation.

Inquiry that promotes critical thinking and supports the free pursuit and creation of knowledge through teaching, learning, and research.

Service Excellence that is learner-centered and responsive to user needs, anticipates user needs, and exceeds user expectation.



Open stacks containing over 250,000 items are organized according to Library of Congress Classification. Access to the LSUS collection is through the Library’s online catalog.

Government Documents

The Library is a select depository of the United States Government Printing Office. Federal Documents are shelved in open stacks according to Superintendent of Documents Classification. The Library is also a depository for Louisiana State Documents.

Online Library

Containing over 450,000 titles, the library’s online ebook and ejournal collection is available 24 hours a day. Also included in the collection are a number of titles adopted a course etextbooks.

Microforms and Media

The Microforms and Media area houses audiovisual materials, microforms, and a selection of newspapers. Equipment for viewing or listening to audiovisual materials is available, including microfilm/microfiche reader/printers. Anatomy models are also available for checkout in this area.

Special Collections

The LSUS Northwest Louisiana Archives is located on the third floor of the Noel Memorial Library and contains more than 700 individual collections of historical records and manuscripts relating to the Shreveport area, northwest Louisiana, and the lower Red River region commonly known as the Ark-La-Tex. Archives collects, preserves, and makes available more than 23,000 linear feet of records, manuscripts, and over 1.5 million photographs and negatives that document the history and culture of the region from its earliest settlement to the present. In addition, Archives houses the Louisiana Collection of published works about Louisiana or by Louisiana writers. All collections are stored in closed stacks and are non-circulating.

James Smith Noel Collection is a private collection of 200,000 volumes on permanent loan to the University. This is a closed stack, non-circulating collection.



Schedule in-person or online one-on-one research consultations.


Available from the library home page, chat services provide for remote research assistance during the opening hours of the building. For hours during which the library is closed, an FAQ is constantly updated with the most common research assistance questions. The FAQ is available from the chat box.

Laptop and Technology Checkouts

The library offers laptops, calculators, projectors, cables, anatomy models, three-dimensional art models, digital arts design tablets, and cameras to students for checkout at the Circulation Desk. Students must bring a valid photo ID and complete an equipment agreement form.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) and eTextbooks

The library makes efforts to provide low to no cost textbook options for students. Faculty are encouraged to schedule etextbook consultations to explore adoption options from OER collections and library resources.


Materials may be placed on reserve by faculty at the Library Circulation Desk. Reserve materials may be designated for use in the Library only, or for limited circulation at the discretion of the Instructor. All items placed on reserve must comply with U.S. Copyright Laws and Regulations. A request form for reserve materials is available from the Library’s webpage: www.lsus.edu/library

Interlibrary Loan

LSUS students, faculty, and staff may submit requests for book loans or copies of journal articles via Interlibrary Loan. Requests are submitted online. Instructions for creating an Interlibrary Loan account and submitting requests can be found on the Library’s webpage: www.lsus.edu/library.

Library Commons

Desktop computer, Internet access, and printing access is available on the first floor of the library. The library website can be accessed at www.lsus.edu/library.

LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network

LSUS is a member of LOUIS, a statewide consortium providing computer access to numerous electronic indexes, databases, full-text journals, and library catalogs.

Research and Instruction Services

R&IS librarians answer questions, teach individuals how to select, find, and evaluate appropriate information, and offer both introductory and advanced classes designed to help students develop library research skills and effectively use specific library print and online resources. The R&IS librarians also work with faculty to identify resources needed for class assignments and research and assist faculty in the use of specialized library materials, including electronic books and databases.

Scholarly Communications

Librarians are available for consultations and workshops covering copyright, fair use, and the publishing process. These services are available to students, staff, and faculty.

Study Spaces and Lockers

A number of individual study rooms are available on a first come first served basis. Six group study rooms and one classroom are available for use by reservation. For students spending longer periods of time in the building, lockers are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.