May 20, 2024  
LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog 
LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog

College of Education and Human Development


Faculty and Staff

Dean: Dennis Wissing BE117D 795.4279
Associate Dean: Katherine Wickstrom BE117B 797.5173
Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Nicholas Zagzoug BE377 795.2468
Graduate Program Coordinator (MSC, SSP): Megan Davenport BE119H 795.4229
Graduate Program Coordinator (MPH): Renae Taylor BE388B 797.5164
Graduate Program Coordinator (MEdCI, MEdL): LaTienda Pierre BE384B 795.4232


Human Performance Lab Cory Coehoorn HPE116  
USA Weightlifting and High Performance Center: Kyle Pierce BE119G 795.4241

Graduate Program Directors

Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies: Kevin Baxter (Interim) BE346C 797.5036
Master of Science in Counseling: Kacie Blalock BE356 797.5042
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Nelson Coulter (Interim) BE379 795.4279
Master of Education in Educational Leadership: Nelson Coulter (Interim) BE379 795.4279
Master of Public Health: Matthew Kelley (Interim) BE388C 797.5114
Specialist in School Psychology: Kevin Jones BE358 797.5043

The College of Education and Human Development consists of two Schools: the School of Education (Department of Education) and the  (Departments of Kinesiology and Health Science, Leadership Studies, and Psychology). Additionally, the Practical Nursing  program is housed in the College of Education and Human Development.