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LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog 
LSU Shreveport 2023-24 Catalog

Continuing Education and Public Service


Executive Director: Leigh Anne Chambers TC135  318.797.5311
Conferences and Institutes: Tulin Melancon TC118  318.797.5254
Events Management: Leigh Anne Chambers UC116  318.795.4233
Coordinator of Marketing and CRM Operations: Catherine McNair TC133  318.797.5311
Registration/Testing Services: Cecelia Autry TC133  318.798.4177
Administrative Coordinator: Angela Taylor TC144  318.798.4175



Our division’s vision is to be the higher education provide in the region for training and certifications that help people advance their careers. These programs are designed to serve students at all points of their educational journey: pre-collegiate, concurrent, and post-collegiate enrollment. Through these programs, our citizens can improve their social and economic mobility.


The mission of LSUS’ Division of Continuing Education and Public Service is to meet the needs of the local industry by providing multiple entry points for career up-skilling or certifications that allow people to enter and progress in their respective fields. Additionally, it is utilized as the sandbox for the University to test the success of future programming.

The multiple entry points are:

  • Post-high school (pre-college)
  • Simultaneously earning credentials while in college
  • Up-skilling after graduation from college

What’s Available

(Visit for complete listings and further information.)

Conferences and Institutes

The Office of Conferences and Institutes is responsible for coordinating all of the non-credit continuing education and public service programs at LSUS. Conferences and Institutes coordinates, develops, and delivers training in the areas of workforce and professional development, leisure learning, computer training, exam prep, personal growth opportunities, public service, and youth enrichment.

Through its Office of Conferences and Institutes, the Division of Continuing Education offers a number of non-credit programs in which participants can earn Continuing Education Units and/or a certificate. The following are some of the many programs and courses offered:

Leisure and Personal Development

Dancing of all styles, Arts, Crafts, Culinary, Gardening, Music, Painting

Health and Fitness 


Exam Preparation

Private Investigator License Exam, Accuplacer, CLEP, Notary Exam Prep

Professional and Career Vocational

Photography, Computer, Language and Writing
Nonprofit, Safety
Insurance/Finance (This program is not covered by AACSB accreditation.)
Customized Training, Conferences, Non-Credit Certificate Programs
Military Affiliated Programs, Hospitality, Construction/Trade

Youth Programs for K-12 grade

To receive a Continuing Education catalog, please call 318/798.4177, visit the Continuing Education website:, or visit their office in the Technology Center, room 131. If you are interested in teaching a non-credit program through Continuing Education, please contact the Director: 318/797.5254.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEU) provide a uniform system of recording non-credit continuing education activities. The CEU records are part of the full-time equivalent student account of the Institution as stipulated by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and are awarded upon successful completing of designated non-credit programs. CEUs are based upon the number of contact hours of instruction received, i.e., one (1.0) CEU requires 10 contact hours of qualified instruction.

Available Programs

Off-Campus Courses/Programs

The Division of Continuing Education and Public Service offers a variety of credit and non-credit programs off-campus. Many businesses and industries may be interested in off-campus credit or non-credit course instruction at an on-site location to meet the ever-changing employee needs and to keep current with constantly changing technology and information.

Testing Center

The LSUS Testing Center offers a secure and comfortable environment for students to take a variety of proctored exams.

Proctoring services: ACCUPLACER testing, TABE, DANTES-funded CLEP

Appointment is required. For more information, please contact Cecilia Autry at 318.798.4177.

University Facility Rentals

Looking for a place for your next event? Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday party, corporate retreat, meeting, or conference we can help. Our campus has a variety of options including a theater, ballroom, recreational spaces, and flexible meeting rooms all with available AV technology. Call today to learn more about our affordable options. Contact the Office of Events Management at 318/795.4233 or email